Online Exclusive Bonuses


Hunting for exclusive bonuses is a moderately exciting endeavor. If players are asked, the word “exclusive” is a slightly distant concept, and not nearly everyone even knows what it means in this way in the casino world. Exclusive bonuses are extremely delicious for the player crazyvegas casino en ligne as they can even bring exceptional benefits and gains.

In this article, we will go into detail about what it means when an online casino offers exclusive bonuses. We will also show you where to get these offers, as well as list the most exclusive bonuses currently available on our site! This is a continuation of the “Exclusive Offers” guide, which is also worth reading if you want more detailed information on the terms and conditions of such bonuses.

How to identify an exclusive bonus?

• At least 200% deposit bonus
• At least 50 free spins paid at once
• Significantly lower than normal recycling requirements
• Completely free bonus money (no recycling)
• Free spins without recycling requirements
• Other abnormal bonuses with a clear monetary value

If everything had to be summed up in one sentence, it would somehow go like this: exclusive bonuses are far more valuable in monetary terms if compared to normal bonuses. In addition to deposit bonuses, one of the more special offers you may find at online casinos is free spins. You can get them both without or with recycling requirements. If you don’t know how these work, you should first understand the basics of “normal” free spins.

The free spins themselves are never “recycled”, but the winnings from them will have to be spun through the games on several occasions in order to be able to cash out the winnings from the free spins. Generally, these recycling requirements are 30-50x times. Free spins without a wagering requirement therefore mean that winnings from free spins no longer need to be played through the casino in any way unless you wish to do so. All winnings may be immediately withdrawn to your bank account.

The limit on free play money and free spins is shaky. Free game money is usually differentiated from the fact that it can be used for exactly the online casinos nz games you want. In free spins, on the other hand, the games are usually already pre-determined. When redeeming free play money, you should be careful, as unfortunately often online casinos market their bonuses with the attractiveness of “free play money” when in reality this is not the case.

If free play money is tied to wagering requirements, we do not think it is free play money. Redeeming free play money usually also requires some form of deposit that calls into question its true “freeness”. The amounts of free play money are considerably lower than normal bonuses, and they range from around € 10 to € 30.


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