Online Casino Bonuses


Casino bonuses are coveted casino benefits. They are served at almost every online casinos. And while every online casino would like to offer the most attractive bonuses, there are a wide variety of bonuses to be found. In many places, you can start enjoying them right from the start of your casino membership.

Such a casino bonus is usually called a first deposit bonus. The name already says that it will be obtained with the first deposit. Many casinos also offer free spins on it. It makes this advantage even better. You can also get a bonus on the following deposits. But even if you don’t, one will definitely get some other kind of bonus benefit. Bonuses are a big part of a casino promotion. They are distributed on a site at any given time or actually on many different sites at the same time.

The most popular casino bonus

The best-known and most prominent casino bonus is undoubtedly the first deposit bonus. That's what it's usually called. And that is exactly what can be inferred from this designation. You will receive it on top of the first amount you deposit at the casino. It is obtained according to a given percentage and usually has a limit on it. It has also been seen that you get as much bonus money as you want. The limit is only met by how much one is willing to deposit for it.

First deposit bonuses are pretty similar

The general first deposit bonus is 100% and is up to € 100. Then you would get the full bonus of 100 euros by making a first deposit of at least 100 euros. This bonus doubles from a minimum initial deposit of up to € 100. Other common first deposit bonuses include:

200% up to 100 Euros
50% up to 200 Euros
300% up to 150 Euros
75% up to 150 Euros

Everything between these is seen. There can also be smaller and bigger ones. Each jeux en ligne casino offers just the amount you expect to get enough first depositors. Therefore, new online casinos may offer the best first deposit bonuses. They need a lot of new members to make the membership increase properly. And what better way to do that than to offer attractively large first deposit bonuses. Many still offer many of these in a row.

Various casino bonuses

There are many other casino bonuses than first deposit bonuses. They can be provided, for example, once a week or once a month. The time can even be a festive time or another season. Or, for example, free spins because of the birthday. Yes, there are enough themes to name them. While there are different types of bonuses, they usually come with a percentage to get them. Sometimes the bonus is only available after you have used the play money in the games on the site. The bonus is then retrospective according to its amount. This bonus can be called Cashback. It allows you to play first without fear of losing. If you lose, you get another chance with this bonus. These can be split based on at least one month of play.


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