Online Casino Baccarat Strategy

Online Casino Baccarat is the simplest online casino game to play. It is one of oldest and most popular casino card games available at most of the american online gambling sites.

More about Online Baccarat

Baccarat online casino games use many decks of cards which will be dealt from a casino shoe. Casino players can bet on the Banker, the Player and the tie. Baccarat starts with 4 cards dealt from the casino shoe, making two hands, called the players cards and the other called the bankers card. The 1st cards are dealt from the casino deck. The 1st and 3rd casino cards form the player’s cards and the 2nd and 4th cards form the banker’s hand.


Online Casino Baccarat Rules

The point count of a baccarat hand is the complete of value cards in the current hand. Aces result as one, and face cards count as 10. The point count may never be greater than nine, because only the final digit in the complete value of the cards can contribute.

The highest payout online casino cards are dealt to proper regulations. There are few choices when drawing the third card for part of the player’s cards or the banker’s cards. Say thepoint count of a hand is 8 or 9, a natural, no more cards will be given. If the bankers cards are not a natural, the players cards will always hit for a third card on a point count of 5 and less, and stand on point counts of 6 and greater. The casino bank may be asked to hit a third card based on the regulations.

The casino hand nearest to 9 wins and will be paid even winnings. Winning banker card wagers will be taxed a 5% commission. When both the bettors and the casino banker’s hands result in the same totals, it's ruled a tie and neither the banker’s bets nor the player's bets win or lose. Tie wagers (bets) are paid 8 to 1.

Players Hand Rules

If the dealer’s cards are a natural (8 or 9), the players cards, will hit for a third card if the count of the players card is 5 or less, and will not draw a card if the point count is 6 or greater.


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