Jackpotjoy is now the Queen of casino sites

The Jackpotjoy brand is famous the world over for its Bingo and slots games, but it’s now gaining increasing recognition for its online casino too. The multi-award winning gaming site is now seeing increasing traffic to its casino from the UK and overseas punters are also coming to Jackpotjoy in search of a little more fun than they’re used to from other online casinos. Jackpotjoy has built its whole reputation on fun; not taking life too seriously when we don’t have to. And this fun ethos runs through everything Jackpotjoy does from its advertising to the unique nature of its games and its concentration on the social aspects of online casinos and other games.


If you aren’t familiar with the Jackpotjoy brand - search on YouTube under Jackpotjoy TV ads and you’ll soon get a flavour of what the brand is all about. Jackpotjoy takes a tongue in cheek look at the world of online casinos and gaming and encourages all its members to socialise online and have fun whilst playing its unique mix of games.

One of the most recent and best-known TV ads sees two old aged pensioners racing in their mobility scooters while the Queen of Jackpotjoy, Babs Windsor, raises the chequered flag. The old lady beats the old man to the line in driving wind and rain in something of a kitsch look at modern UK life. This kind of branding epitomises Jackpotjoy’s approach. It’s all about having a bit of fun while you’re playing casino games, bingo or slots, with the simultaneous chance to win a large amount of money. Jackpotjoy continually displays the different progressive jackpots available from its games which rise and rise via a small contribution from each player until one lucky punter lands the lot and the whole cycle starts again.

The stories of Jackpotjoy’s progressive jackpot winners are told in the winners section of the site and make for interesting reading – particularly when a player has landed a life-changing amount of money. And with more people playing the casino games on the site, the progressive jackpots there are growing too.

Jackpotjoy’s move into casino games online is an interesting one. It looks like the Queen of Bingo will soon be the Queen of Casinos, in the UK anyway. And any new player registering with Jackpotjoy will now receive a free £25 bonus just for joining – with the potential for a further £20 bonus for each new friend successfully referred to the site. With odds like those in your favour before you start, it might be worth a punt on roulette red … or black perhaps?


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