Facts about the History of Casinos


The first casinos were opened in Europe so many years ago. The first evidence of gambling in the ancient times are games that were played in people’s homes, these included dice games. According to american casino sites, there were also gambling establishments in China before casinos came into the picture. The first card games that were a type of dominoes game and wooden tiles that are used in lotteries were in China during the 9th and 10th centuries.

China Had the First Gambling Professionals

Numerous gambling establishments were created during the Tang Dynasty in 617-908 AD. People could gamble at those designated establishments that had heavy security as well as high stakes gaming action. More gambling groups were also formed during the Song Dynasty era, during 100 AD. During that time, more gambling games were invented.

The First Modern Day Casino

The first modern casino was in Venice, Italy. It was called the Ridotto, meaning private room. The Ridotto was a section of the hotel PalazzoDandolo, it was turned into a casino when a political group of Venetian aristocrats requested the space to be turned into a government owned gambling establishment. The Hotel Palazzo Dandolo is still in existence, it is now called the Hotel Danieli. The hotel is one of the most luxurious as well as one of the best hotels in Venice.

The Spread of Casinos Throughout Europe

Roulette was the game that stimulated the spread of casinos throughout Europe. There was a time where there was a rise of casinos during the 18th century. European monarchs introduced state approved lotteries and legalised some forms of gambling. After that, they turned around and outlawed all forms of gambling.

In 1762, the then Cardinal of Bolivia Jean Theodore approved the construction of Redoute casino spa in Belgium. This was the second legal casino after the Ridotto. The casino is still open but it has been renamed the Casino of Spa. Maybe one day it will be turned into online casino also known as casino en ligne in French. Another casino opened in Belgium shortly afterRedoute casino opened. So many casinos opened after that.

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