Casino Bonus without Deposit


With a no deposit casino bonus, you can start playing completely without spending your own money. This means that you can win great prizes without paying a single penny. But where do you find these no deposit bonuses? And are there conditions you have to think about? We give you the answers.

Why are there no deposit casino bonuses?

This is a very good question. As we all know, the main goal of casinos is to make money. This is the same goal that most companies nowadays have, and should come as no surprise. Therefore, it may be surprising to hear that best casinos online offer bonuses with no deposit required.

The fact that casinos hand out free bonuses without the thought of making money themselves sounds so good that one becomes skeptical. But when you see it all from the casino's side, it immediately becomes more understandable. As we said, a casino makes a living from you and other player’s spending money there. Casinos exist to make money and to make money you need customers. No deposit bonuses provide free funds to players who have not previously played at your casino. Many of these players disappear after using the bonus, but some stay, and that's all the casino needs.

This is how a no deposit casino bonus works

Non-deposit bonuses are usually activated as soon as you have registered a new account with a casino. When this is done, the offer is usually either free spins without a deposit or a certain bonus amount without a deposit. This is done to give you a little taste, while you have a real chance to win great prizes.

Often talk about relatively small amounts

The most important thing to keep in mind is that we are usually talking about fairly small amounts of money. Or a small number of free spins. This is because these spins or the amount after all are free. Therefore, it is not in the casino's interest to give you too much, but they will give you enough to give you a real taste of what they have to offer.

Free bonus money

A deposit-free cash bonus will usually not give you much more than NOK 100. But this can still make a difference, at least for you who play with smaller / normal sums. The great thing about bonus money is that it can usually be used on any game, but remember that they often come with wagering requirements.

Deposit-free spins

If you’re no deposit bonus comes in the form of free spins, then here too there will be a low number of spins. So you should be very lucky if you get over 20 free spins. One of the better offers we have seen online is offers that give you 200 free spins during your first 10 days.

How much freedom you have to take advantage of no deposit bonuses (i.e. which games you can bet your money or spin on) varies greatly from casino to casino, but it is not uncommon for you to be quite free. Very often deposit-free bonuses are used as an incentive to explore the best high roller online casinos, and therefore you can often choose games yourself.


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