The Rise of Gambling on Smartwatches


The world of mobile gaming is exploding right now, so assuming that people want more powerful devices featuring larger screens is a no-brainer. However, there is also a move towards devices that are a lot smaller than we are used to – those which are able to fit onto your wrist, and are thus able to deliver an extra layer of portability. This has led to the rise of gambling and gaming on smartwatches.

An Overview Smartwatch Games

One of the most recent advances in mobile technology, smartwatches deliver all of the functionality of a smartphone or tablet, on a device worn on your wrist. These allow you to instantly access all of your favourite applications and games while you are making the kind of fashion statement that only a beautifully-designed timepiece can deliver.

Currently there are only a select few slots games available for smartwatches, along with a range of totally free games that deliver pure entertainment, but this is set to change and soon. The first of the slots games available for smartwatch play is the Microgaming classic, Thunderstruck, one of the most popular of all time.

What to Expect from Smartwatch Games

Rendering games playable on a smartwatch is quite a feat when you take the size of the screens into account. Great skill is required to keep the balance between ensuring that the games are playable, and that all of the proper entertainment is delivered as well. Gamblers who are used to patronising the kind of entertainment a mobile casino in NZ or anywhere else in the world has to offer will quickly recognise the similarities, and appreciate the kind of convenience this method of engaging offers. Partaking of technology as cutting-edge as wearable tech is about as thrilling as it gets, and the added excitement of being able to enjoy real money fun is a recipe for entertainment and pleasure.

Luckily, the only thing necessary for slots play on your smartwatch are the game’s name, the reels, and a button indicating what your balance is, and how much of that you wish to wager. There are no other elements to deal with: only the bare essentials are available, and so every pixel is devoted to the game itself.

Potential Growth of the Wearables Market

The world of real money game play via wearable tech is still very limited, but things are set to change. As more and more people adopt the technology, game operators will be able to devote more of their resources to designing games that function by means of them, and table games are sure to follow slots soon.

While punters are already enjoying gambling on the go by means of their smartphones and tablets, wearable tech adds a completely different level of access, and allows you to be totally discreet when you engage in play. When making use of your smartwatch you will be able to spin the reels whenever you like, without attracting the kind of attention hauling out your smartphone or tablet would receive.


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