Steps to get the Best 888 Poker Bonus


Over the past few years, 888 Poker has risen to become the second most-popular online poker room in the world. This being said, new players are constantly signing up at 888 and getting their bonus deal. But there's just one problem with this: they aren't getting the best deal possible. So what exactly does it take to get the top 888 Poker bonus? Read the following steps to find out.

Step 1: Sign up and deposit while using the "888MAX" Code

The first step to getting your bonus at 888 involves creating an account and depositing. Along with this, you'll also want to use the 888MAX code so that you get the top deal available. Speaking of which, the best deal is worth 100% up to $400+$10. This means that you not only get a 100% match bonus, but also an additional $10 FREE that can immediately be used in real money cash games and tournaments.

Step 2: Collect 25% of your Bonus upfront

The nice thing about using the 888MAX code is that 25% of your bonus is given right away. So just like the free $10 that's given upon creating an account, a quarter of your bonus is available immediately for real money play. But do note that you can't cash the money out until it's gone through playthrough requirements. Otherwise, what's to stop people from making a deposit, then immediately withdrawing everything once they get their 25% upfront?

Step 3: Earn the Other 75% of your Bonus

As for the rest of your signup reward, this must be earned through cash games and/or tournaments. It takes 10 Bonus Points (BPs) to collect every dollar of your bonus. And every $1 in rake that you pay results in 2 BPs. So basically, it takes $5 in rake to unlock each dollar of your signup reward.

To illustrate how this would work, let's say that you deposit $100. With a quarter of this being given upfront, you'd now have to earn $75 of the bonus, which would require generating 750 BPs. Dividing this by 2, you'd need to generate $375 in rake to collect your entire reward. If you're worried about keeping an eye on how much free cash you've earned, don't be. 888 Poker provides a bonus-meter above your table at all times that measures how you're doing with regard to collecting the reward.


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